8 Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur (Infographic)

8 Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur (Infographic)



Do you dream of starting your own business but fear giving up a stable pay cheque?

Rather than focusing on that fear, consider how your life will change when you are doing something that you truly enjoy.

No matter what you choose to do in life, there will be pros and cons. When you focus on the risks of losing your regular source of income, you distract yourself from the benefits of pursuing your dream.

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Here are eight “pros” of becoming an entrepreneur:


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Melissa Dawn
Melissa Dawn is a coach and founder of CEO of Your Life. As a life and business coach, Dawn helps entrepreneurs build a business that fits their values and creates the lifestyle they crave. Her specialty is helping people transition out of their day jobs and into building businesses they are orgasmically joyful about.