Dream Sketching: Art and Entrepreneurship

Dream Sketching: Art and Entrepreneurship


For entrepreneurs, imagination of an abstract nature, essentially that more akin to dreaming, is the driving force for creativity, endurance and success.

Here is how to fire up your own dream machine and recharge your journey to greatness.

Sketch the dream

In your business, you are engrossed in keeping it afloat today. However, you must keep imagining the future. Critically, a future imagined must be sketched.

Specifically, state what your expanded, more profitable business will look like; profile its typical employee, its office culture, its customer profile, its products and services and what it will do best.

Centre the dream

Why would your dream or imagined future change the world? If the dream fails to materialise, who would miss it?

Transition from the artistic, creative sphere to the concrete and rational sphere by connecting the dream to your life purpose and how it can enable you to serve others better.

Activate the dream

Just like exotic art, entrepreneurial dreams remain abstract until they are interpreted into a life form.

Create a physical space for the dream, a studio where you carve it out, invest time in nurturing it, invite others who can supercharge it, and let go of habits that stand in the way of its realisation.

Self-induced, entrepreneurial dreaming is free, yet it could be your most valuable investment in your business.

Lizwe Nkala
Lizwe Nkala is an influential corporate strategist working at executive and board levels of large corporations. He is the MD of Flamingo Moon Consulting and a founding partner of the Strategic Thinking Institute, where he coaches executives and presents tailored strategic thinking seminars and webinars, and provides strategic thinking tools and templates on a subscription basis for corporate clients. For more, visit www.flamingomoon.co.za