Howard Sackstein, CEO Of Saicom – Why Anyone Can Become An...

[PODCAST] Howard Sackstein, CEO Of Saicom – Why Anyone Can Become An Entrepreneur


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Howard Sackstein

For a long time Matt has said that anyone can be an entrepreneur… but it’s not for everyone. Today, Howard Sackstein is the CEO of Saicom but in his previous life he was a high powered lawyer working for the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) during South Africa’s 1994 elections.

In this episode, Matt explores what he learnt during his time working for the IEC, and how that experience ignited the possibilities of entrepreneurship for him.

This is a first hand account of how to become an entrepreneur and how to become fulfilled in the process.

  • Why anyone can be an entrepreneur but why it’s not for everyone
  • Anecdotes from the 1994 elections and what entrepreneurs can learn from it
  • How to transition from corporate to the world of entrepreneurship
  • How to get over the fear of failure
  • How to find your happiness in business and in life
  • Why education is the enabler of a prosperous future for South Africa.

Want to find out more? Read up with these show notes. 

Matt Brown
Matt Brown is the CEO of Digital Kungfu a strategic business consultancy. He is also the host of the Matt Brown Show - a podcast empowering and entrepreneurs around the globe.