Want to Start a Business but Questioning Your Passion? Try This

Want to Start a Business but Questioning Your Passion? Try This


Exercise 1.

Revisit your childhood to see what you loved doing. Make a list of all the things you remember enjoying as a child and test the waters to see if you still do. Then ask yourself how those past experiences can shape your career choice.

Exercise 2.

Make a list of people who are doing what you want to be doing. If you want to be a professional dance instructor, look for others and see if it’s something you could really enjoy.

Exercise 3.

Take a break from business thinking. While your current job and responsibilities take up the bulk of your energy, take a mental vacation and do something that’s out of your usual box and comfort zone. You might just find something you enjoy.

Exercise 4.

Do it anyway. Start doing what you love even without a business plan in mind. Get out and enjoy your passion with like-minded people and see where potential business opportunities and gaps in the market lie.

Then get to work turning it into a business.

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Tracy Lee Nicol
Tracy-Lee Nicol is an experienced business writer and magazine editor. She was awarded a Masters degree with distinction from Rhodes university in 2010, and in the time since has honed her business acumen and writing skills profiling some of South Africa's most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, franchisees and franchisors.Find her on Google+.
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    I want to start private FET college that will offer Engineering Studies N1-N6, Business Studies N4-N6 and Artisan traing