From Oprah to the Kardashians: 6 Celebrity-Inspired Business Lessons

From Oprah to the Kardashians: 6 Celebrity-Inspired Business Lessons


If It’s Not Working, Reinvent Your Brand

Lana Del Rey:Lana

Before she found fame as a 1960s-inspired sultry throwback singer, Lana Del Rey was a prep-school graduate from upstate New York named Elizabeth “Lizzy” Grant. She started her career with her given name, blonde hair, no shtick and an acoustic, folksy vibe. But, that wasn’t working. So, she reinvented her career under the stage name Lana Del Rey, dyed her hair, adopted the 1960s makeup and deep voice and had a breakthrough.

If your business isn’t standing out, consider going from Lizzy to Lana – give your location, products or services a makeover and use a bold, high-styled appeal to set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace.

Carol Roth
Carol Roth is an on-air contributor for CNBC, a “recovering” investment banker, entrepreneur and best-selling author. She makes people think, makes them laugh and makes them money, with her accomplishments ranging from her multimedia commentary to formerly sitting on the Board of Directors of a public company to advising on greater than $2 billion in capital raising, M&A, joint ventures and licensing transactions. Carol splits her time between her main residence in Chicago and New York City, and also has an action figure made in her own likeness.