A 7-Year-Old Entrepreneur

A 7-Year-Old Entrepreneur


When his family recently moved, Ryland spotted a golden business opportunity: lots of foot traffic. His family lives a block away from Ryland’s primary school. Every morning a steady flow of parents and their children stream by their house.

Recognise the opportunity

Opportunity? Check. But Ryland also has big dreams. His parents say Ryland has wanted to open his own restaurant since he was just three years old. So, when dreams meet opportunity, sometimes businesses are born.

Not every day, but as frequently as his parents allow him, Ryland gets up early and bakes foods like biscotti, muffins and brownies. He gets coffee and juices, prints up a menu and sets everything out on a folding table near the sidewalk in front of his home.


Ryland’s Restaurant is open for business. Some mornings he pulls in more than R400.

“I think he is a future entrepreneur,” Ryland’s principal, Kit Bragg, told a local news program. Future? I think he’s an entrepreneur right now.

Get inspired by this boy’s passion for food and business by watching the news report. It’s less than four minutes long and worth every second.

Jason Fell
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