Cracking the Billion Dollar Nut

Cracking the Billion Dollar Nut


The global picture

Across the world, increasing pressure on natural resources and diminishing arable land is driving up the price of meat.

Did you know it takes 5,8kg of grain or 95 litres of water to produce 450g of meat?

Not only that, but the health implications of consuming too much animal-derived products are driving people to explore meat-free meal options more often – if not permanently.

In fact Meat-free Monday, a US campaign re-started in 2003, has gained such momentum that even restaurants are getting on the bandwagon, bringing more vegetarian options to their menus.

Business considerations

With all the cans and can’ts associated with alternative diets, the question now becomes where vegetarians and vegans can eat out or buy goods locally without worrying about variety of choice available, high expense, and quality of products.

Would you know where to buy fashionable vegan footwear, or gelatin free medicine? What could you do to tap into the alternative diet/lifestyle industry that makes the lives of your target market more convenient?

Visit for literally 140 vegan business ideas that are operating successfully internationally.


Business Idea: Vegan lifestyle coaching

Taking on a lifestyle such as veganism requires a lot of education – you need to know what’s in your food, medicine, cosmetics, clothes and home. What’s more, because of the exclusionary nature of veganism, you need to know how to keep yourself healthy and well nourished.

Main Street Vegan is a New York institute dedicated to lifestyle coaching and education on all things vegan. It offers field trips to new vegans looking for restaurants, businesses, shops and markets, as well as academic study of nutrition, animal rights, vegan beauty and fashion, history, environmentalism and of course politics.

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