How to Be a Jack-Of-All-Trades in a Small Business

How to Be a Jack-Of-All-Trades in a Small Business


For many entrepreneurs or employed individuals, scheduling time and budget for further study is a great challenge, meaning the momentum towards reaching their full personal and business potential can take a back seat.

Wits Plus understands the demands of working adults who want to further their studies, by offering a wide range of accredited short courses and degrees on a part-time basis. Most courses are after working hours, making it ideal for professionals with demanding schedules.

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Up-Skilling an a Part-Time Basis

“It’s well-known that entrepreneurs who are starting or growing a business don’t always have the budget to employ highly qualified staff, and in many cases existing staff perform multiple roles within the business that can be way out of their job description and field of expertise. This is why giving your employees the opportunity to up-skill on a part-time basis offers advantages to both the employee and the business,” explains Dr Johan Swanepoel, director of Wits Plus.

“This helps develop competency, skills, productivity and efficiency on an individual level, but from a company perspective employees can grow into roles as the company expands.”

Further Education Incentive

“Depending on the industry, businesses can experience employee turnover rates between 10% and 15% per annum – a costly exercise in terms of replacements, lost productivity and new training. But offering perks like part-time study can be attractive incentive for employees to remain with the company.”

Swanepoel adds, however, that the responsibility for furthering education ultimately lies with the individual. “While business leaders can foster an environment where employees feel motivated to self-improve, employees should identify gaps in their skills and knowledge, find relevant course that will fill this gap, and then pitch to the company owner why it would be beneficial to allocate budget toward further study.”

Short Courses that Pack a Punch

Just because it’s a short course doesn’t mean it doesn’t carry weight when it comes to accreditation.

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“All our courses are designed in terms of Wits University standards and short course policies, and we use Wits University material taught by capable and professional facilitators. This means credits can be gained on a course by course basis and applied toward a larger part-time BCom degree in future, for example,” Swanepoel explains.

Wits Plus
Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies at the University of Witwatersrand, offers selected undergraduate degrees, as well as a wide range of short certificate courses. Evening classes make all qualifications accessible to working people and busy entrepreneurs. Wits Plus also offers a range of online short courses that enable you to study wherever you are. Certificates of Competence are awarded to successful participants for both certificate and online short courses.