Finding That Fantastic Business Idea

Finding That Fantastic Business Idea


South Africans are fantastic inventors. It may not be a widely discussed topic at dinner parties, but some amazing products have come from the minds of South Africans.

Prepaid airtime invented by Vodacom, the speed gun that tracks the speed of a ball, PayPal (or at least parts of it), the Amazon EC2 service, Pratley Putty, and the full-body x-ray scanner from Lodox Systems are a few of the inventions we gave the world.

Coming up with the ideas for the creations is often the most challenging part of the process. Creating a working version is definitely the part that takes an idea into a world-changing product but ideas are generally pretty tough to come by.

There are certain things you can do to help prime your mind to find the next big thing and then to help you work towards building the idea out into a real world product.

Finding ideas

Nicholas Haralambous
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