How important is a company logo when starting up a business?

How important is a company logo when starting up a business?


Much like you have a name and personality, a logo is your identifying symbol for your potential consumer, customer, competition and generally anyone who comes in contact with it. Here are some pointers that will guide you.

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Creating an identity:

When you start a business you need to understand that the probability that your business is already out there does exist. You have to differentiate yourself, you need to stand out. Besides your core business services being slightly different from your competition, your identity will help you stand out a bit more before you have acquired that piece of business.

How do you do this? You need to have an identity, a logo, a symbol that will help people identify with you when you aren’t there to actually speak for yourself.

Logos are the first visual contact that most potential clients come into contact with before they actually come to your place of business. Your logo needs to speak for you and possibly your business way before you are able to explain your story.

Standing out amongst the clutter:

There are a lot of visuals that we see on a day-to-day basis, and you somehow have to stand out from the rest. When creating your logo or commissioning your logo, create something that will stand out.

People generally remember visuals more then they do numbers or words – if your logo is unique and truly speaks what your business is and what it does, you’re half way there. Remember that colours also play a big part in what people see and remember. This will further help creating a memorable logo.

Look the part, play the part

When you have a logo device, clients, consumers, suppliers and everyone that you deal with take you a lot more seriously. You don’t want to seem like a fly-by-night institution.

If you’re going to service people and you want people to entrust you with their brand and their money, then you need to look the part that you’ll be playing – this goes along with how you and your company present yourselves.

Having a logo that people can identity you with and the type of services you offer, will further increase your businesses reputation.

 Things to remember

  • Identity – an identifier for potential clients
  • Memorable – create a logo that will be simple to remember, but good enough for people to remember what you do
  • Colours – colours play a big role in how people remember your logo
  • Professional – look the part that you are playing. If you look a certain way and are in a certain industry,let your logo, brand and identity follow suit
  • Stand out – be different. People need to see you, they need to remember you

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Kgomotso Mautloa
Kgomotso Mautloa is the Creative Director at Green Robot Design The title of creative director is one which suits his personality as he is a strong believer in spear-heading projects that will change how design speaks to people's emotions, as opposed to speaking at them to communicate a generic message.