Make ‘Someday’ Happen Now

Make ‘Someday’ Happen Now


Aristotle observed that every living organism has an inner force, a vitality that propels that organism to be fulfilled. He called that state of being entelechy. Everyone has an entelechy, a vital force that is yearning to be expressed.

The entelechy of an acorn, for example, is to be an oak, and given the right environment and nutrition, that’s what it will be. Try as we might, we can’t turn the acorn into a pine or a willow. Our Entelechy is uniquely our own and is encoded in our very being. Essentially, our entelechy is who we were born to be. Unfortunately, many of us are busy trying to turn our acorns into pine trees, and we don’t even know it.

When we can know our entelechy, and make our thoughts, intentions and actions line up with that vitality, we find that we struggle less and enjoy more, achieving marvelous results along the way. One way to know our entelechy is to look at those ‘someday’ dreams we all have but somehow never get around to, or that just seem too unattainable to begin. It may appear counter-intuitive, but we have found that as people express their entelechy, even though it may not seem directly related to the goal they have been trying to achieve, they start to see extraordinary results in other areas of their lives.

One of our executive clients, for example, wanted to double his sales results. When we moved more deeply from his goal to his entelechy, he realised that what he wanted was to experience more energy and vitality in his life. He took on an exercise goal, began working with a physical trainer and ended up doubling his sales without really focusing on them. As we express our entelechy, we expand our creative capacity and begin to see growth on many levels.

The good news is that you don’t need much time, money, experience or any other resource to get started on your dream. In fact, a commitment of just ten minutes a day is enough to get the creative energy flowing again and start seeing some real results.

Make it happen

Here’s what you can do in just ten minutes today:

  • Consider your ‘someday’ dreams carefully. What is your life calling for? Take ten minutes to write out a list of all the things you’ve been thinking about doing but haven’t done.
  • Choose one thing on that list to experiment with. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. Often in our coaching programmes, people start with one thing, then start seeing results in other areas. We soon see people accomplishing everything from clearing off their desk to starting a global programme to end world poverty.
  • Spend ten minutes focusing on what you have selected. Imagine that you have successfully achieved whatever dream you’ve chosen. Fuel the fantasy with as much positive energy as you can. What would you be feeling if you woke up this morning and that dream had come true? That’s the feeling you want to focus on. If you do nothing else with your ‘someday’ dream but spend ten minutes every day doing this exercise, you will see results.
  • Ask yourself, what is one small step I can take now that would get me closer to this imagined future?

Make small and easy action steps and find yourself quickly moving forward. Try it out for yourself on one of your someday dreams. Instead of saying  ‘someday,’ you’ll be doing something.

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Rory Cohen is an idea implementation coach.