Ross Drakes, Owner Nice Work, – How To Hustle For Your...

[PODCAST] Ross Drakes, Owner Nice Work, – How To Hustle For Your Money


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Ross Drakes

Matt Brown chats to Ross Drakes about the realities of managing cashflow of a business and shares little known tactics and tips for entrepreneurs so they always get paid and keep the doors open.

  • Why entrepreneurs need to hustle for their money
  • How to chase late payments and reduce your debtors book
  • When to consider sweat equity: What you need to know
  • The invoicing terms that work and those that don’t
  • What to tell your employees when you can’t pay them
  • How to decide what business you should start.

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown is the CEO of Digital Kungfu a strategic business consultancy. He is also the host of the Matt Brown Show - a podcast empowering and entrepreneurs around the globe.