Sell, Team, Teach – the Fundamental Building Blocks of a Company

Sell, Team, Teach – the Fundamental Building Blocks of a Company


Sell, Team, Teach are just three fundamental building blocks of a proven and successful business formula. Without the ability to do these three things, companies fail. After all, no sales means no business. The same goes for a team – how can you do it all yourself?

And if you have a team and do not teach them how to work in your business – and especially sell – then the team isn’t giving you a good return on investment.

Sell: It has been said that sales is the fabric that weaves society together and drives industry. The ability to sell is arguably the most valuable of business skills, quite simply because sales = income.

One thing you will notice is that every great leader in business, politics, sport or families can sell. Sales is not just about selling to customers.  It’s compelling vendors, lenders, investors, staff and regulators to support your product or service and your team.

It’s also about selling you to yourself in order to build the confidence you need to lead.  It’s about selling a vision, selling an attitude, or selling ideas to your team. You become the spokesperson for the team. The most important form of leadership in sales is selling others on themselves, giving them more confidence, power and spirit.

In many companies, sales is seen as something you do if you cannot do anything else. Understanding that learning to sell is the key to being successful, no matter what you do, is part of our philosophy at Sales Partners.

Team: As it pertains to business, a definition of a team is a group of individuals with a unified purpose, combined moral fibre, and strength in the diversity of their talents. By complementing each other, you fill in each other’s gaps and ultimately increase the value, quality and versatility of your product or services.

Building a team is crucial for an entrepreneur to leverage the diversity of talents so that it increases the exposure of products and services to the market. Effectively, increasing the opportunity for more sales.  The concerted efforts and performance of a strong team will outlast that of an individual.

This is where a code of honour is appropriate to ensure that the team binds together. When the heat is on and the economy is difficult is when it’s essential for the team to work together to get through the difficult times, bringing in extra sales to ensure the growth and success of the company.

A code of honour only works if everyone believes in it and sticks with it. You cannot have a code that only some people adhere to. Having a method of being able to manage people through the code is essential if it is to mean anything. Call it or be called.

Teach: A big secret and a vital skill to success in business that actually goes beyond selling is the ability to teach, lead and manage people. One of the reasons many small businesses fail to grow or simply fail is that the entrepreneur does not put together a strong team and often quits the business out of exhaustion.

The ultimate form of leadership is the ability to teach your team how to be successful – not by telling them what you did or by reciting a monologue on how to do something, but by getting them involved, practicing, drilling, challenging them and getting them dirty in the process.

You don’t learn to build a business from a book and you certainly don’t learn how to be a great team player by being told how to do it.  You have to be taught how to do it and learn from the experience.

When you manage to do this, you will motivate your team to work with you rather than for you. They will want to take the company to the next level, just as you do.

Teaching goes both ways, really great leaders know when to get experts in so that they can learn from others too.

Lorna Powe
Lorna Powe has worked as an executive level business professional for over 15 years. She is experienced in leading business and technology change to ultimately meet strategies, and improve business performance. She is the Founder of SalesPartners RoseBankTM, a global sales and business development company that helps entrepreneurs and organisations increase sales and leadership, improve profitability, and build championship teams. Visit the Sales Partners Rosebank website for more information
  • Leaders don’t teach – they coach and inspire by leading from the front and by example. A leaders style has to be infectious which means bringing people on to the same psychic wavelength with warmth and empathy plus giving the team a sense of belonging and sense of purpose. such a style can’t be faked but it can be cultivated.

    And can we please ban the superfluous “really” henceforth.