Taking The Leap From Corporate – No Such Thing As “The Right...

Taking The Leap From Corporate – No Such Thing As “The Right Time”


We’ve all heard that superficial micro-chat in the corridors of the office – “hey man, how you doing?” followed by “Ah not too bad hey, at least it’s Friday in 2 days”.

The problem is, if the peak of your emotional state is “not too bad”, or your sole metric for happiness is, “is it Friday?”, then you know something is wrong.

The answer could simply be you need a different job. But if you have a great idea; if you have been working on something you believe could change the world, why settle for “not too bad” if you could be infinitely more happy following your dreams while trying to make the world a better place?

1Everyone has a great idea

How many people have you met who have had an idea they were extremely excited about, but then when you talk again, that person has moved onto the next idea and the next idea without executing any of them?

Humans are ridiculously creative beings; we have the ability to imagine anything. That means we have unimaginable potential.

The problem is that we are exceptionally lazy, or we are exceptionally scared of failure, or we get locked into our comfort zones. The difference between success and failure is not the quality of the idea, but the ability to fight human nature and step out of the comfort zone, confront failure and execute that idea.

Fortunately, it is so rare to take that leap to execute the idea, that if you do, you have already infinitely increased your chances of success.

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2There will always be another salary, promotion or bonus around the corner

In the corporate environment, you will always be a few weeks away from the next salary. You will always be a few months away from the next bonus. Worst case scenario, you are a few years away from that big promotion they’ve promised. That’s part of the allure of corporate; if you stick there long enough, you will get monetarily rewarded. All you have to do is survive and get through the days.

Looking at it conversely, knowing that there will always be external incentives around the corner, this should help us understand that they never stop, thus waiting for them to stop will be like waiting for retirement.

If you truly want to make your business idea into a success, the time that could be used growing it will be worth more to you than the money lost by sitting in an office wasting 10 hours a day fulfilling someone else’s goals for your life.

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3The higher the salary, the higher the expenses, the harder to leave


It’s very attractive to consider that when you get to a certain point in the corporate, that will be the right time to leave. You could argue that self-imposed timelines like “I will leave this job in January 2020 to pursue my business” makes sense because of the value of scarcity to learn as much as possible and make as much money as possible in that predetermined time.

However a counter-argument (one that I noticed from my own experience) is that the longer you are in a corporate job, the more difficult it is to leave. A level of comfort sets in, and as earnings increase, spending habits increase.

When there are bonds and car loans to pay back, leaving a corporate job becomes infinitely more difficult than when there are minimal expenses. Still absolutely possible and don’t let that stop you, but more difficult nonetheless.

4Do your due diligence

Is your idea actually good? Do people care? More importantly, does your market care? Based on my experience I highly recommend before deciding to quit your corporate job, get some kind of prototype of the business idea, as well as tangible interest or proof of concept from a high value client before committing fully to the business.

You want to know if there is actually a market for the business before selling your house and cancelling your child’s education.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need a fully-fledged business already, but try be as sure as possible that people would actually pay for the product or service – this is just good business practice.

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5Let the fire in your heart lead you

Let’s be completely honest with each other. Despite and in support I’ve everything I’ve already written, leaving your job to start a business is a crazy idea; it makes no sense to the normal human, and has a high chance of failure  – we all know the statistics.

However, if you have that fire in your heart keeping you awake at night about the potential of your idea. If someone asks you how your day’s going, and you struggle not to respond with a quick business elevator pitch, you know the passion is there.

Much like falling in love, it’s impossible to describe unless you have that feeling – if it’s there, it’s there. And if it is, let the fire lead you.

Take the jump with your whole heart and soul, because there will never be a perfect moment to pursue your dream.

Jordan Stephanou
Jordan is currently the founder and CEO of hospitality tech start-up, tastePal, which has the goal of saving people time and increasing productivity, by getting rid of office canteen queues. Jordan previously worked fulltime at Investec in the Private Banking division, and was chosen to attend the One Young World 2016 conference in Ottawa, in which young leaders from 196 countries aggregated together to discuss solutions to international social justice issues. Blog: pineapplesareinmyhead.blogspot.com