Go Green – Limited Licensee Offering

Go Green – Limited Licensee Offering


The average South African household’s electricity pricing has increased by 180% in the last 6 years. With these price increases set to continue, power surges and regular grid maintenance here to stay consumers require solutions that improve the energy efficiency in their homes and businesses to save money and provide alternatives. Ellies Electronics (Pty) Ltd has just the solution.

Ellies Renewable Energy, a division of Ellies Electronics (Pty) Ltd has developed a unique License opportunity for entrepreneurs in the trade sector to take its energy efficient, cost effective products to both the residential and commercial markets and become “green power experts.”

Selected licensees operate from a state of the art mobile showroom and have an extensive renewable energy product range on hand to offer immediate customised customer solutions to their clients.

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Our range of products including back up power systems, energy efficient LED technology and energy saving water devices to mention a few. Licensees are also supported by our in house team of technical experts and specialists.

“The level of trust leveraged as a result of being part of an established brand clearly sets this opportunity apart.” says founder and Chairman Ellie Salkow.

To add to this, licensees gain from the economies of scale and purchasing power associated with being part of a well know brand.


The mobile showroom is a powerful sales activation tool and carries a full range of stock items and a display model fully equipped to demonstrate the efficiency of the product range and energy solutions available.

Armed with product knowledge, Licensees are confidently able to guide and educate potential consumers helping them to understand the value and savings that can be made using the technology on offer.

80% of a sale is being able to have the product on hand when you are face to face with the decision maker in the home.

Licensees demonstrate products to potential clients in the comfort of their home or business and can conduct an audit and can install products immediately.

Clients pay for convenience as our licensees are saving customers both the time of shopping around and purchasing the incorrect product and putting money back in their wallets by installing these products.


Licensees are trained to look at energy saving from a holistic point of view and formulate personalised solutions that offer savings in terms of energy, time and money, while building long term relationships with customers and repeat business.

Licensee training is all inclusive; prospects do require some technical knowledge and need to be from the trade sector. Initial training lasts five days and focuses on sales and marketing, product knowledge, financial management and practical exercises, setting our licensees up for success from day one.

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We are looking for licensees that share our values and beliefs.

  • People skilled
  • Business orientated
  • Problem Solving ( technically orientated)
  • Systematic and systems orientated
  • Tenacious and creative
  • Should own a registered company in the trade sector

Existing licensees include handymen, electricians, DStv installers, plumbers, contractors and people who install home automation systems .

The brand’s commitment to educating consumers about energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions and building strong brand awareness has been fundamental to its success.

Ellies Renewable Energy
Become a Green Power Expert. 80 license opportunities available in Gauteng with expansion nationally. Licensees get equipped with a unique, mobile showcase trailer, complete with product, knowledge and technical know- how. Licensees are able to educate clients on energy and water saving devices, with the ability to demonstrate the efficiency of products , conduct home audits , sell and install products from the showcase trailers in the convenience of the client’s home or businesses . Contact us via e-mail : egs2@ellies.co.za, tel: 011 493 0344, www.elliesrenewable.co.za and Like us on Facebook: ellies green initiative.