How To Start Your Own Artisan Business

How To Start Your Own Artisan Business



Are you a practical, more hands on type of person? Perhaps becoming an artisan is the right career move for you. There is a growing demand for qualified artisans in South Africa and right now is the perfect time to pursue this line of work. In the artisan field of work there are many opportunities including becoming a plumber, carpenter or chef.

What is an Artisan?

An artisan is some who has passed a Trade Test in any field of work. Artisans are typically associated with the engineering fields such welding and electrical. To become an artisan you will need to complete an apprenticeship, which includes both practical and theoretical training.

The Department of Higher Education is focusing on turning every working place into a training space. The national government plan is that by 2030 South Africa should produce 30 000 qualified artisans a year. Currently, the country only produces 12 000 qualified artisans a year. There is growing support for this type of work experience, if this appeals to you, now it the time to act.

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Types of Trade Artisans

Artisanal business ideas come in all types of shapes, sizes, flavours and skill levels. Here are a few examples of artisanal business opportunities and what you will need to start-up.

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  2. Electrical Artisan
  3. Welding Artisan
  4. Carpentry Artisan
  5. Plumbing Artisan