The Digital Disruptor: How the Insurance Sector is Leveraging Mobile Tech

The Digital Disruptor: How the Insurance Sector is Leveraging Mobile Tech


As a business owner, you know all about the importance of technology as a driver of operational efficiency and its importance in improving the customer experience. Mutual & Federal is exploiting technology in its operations to meet these ends as well.

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In the South African context, mobile technology offers one of the most disruptive technological forces we have to deal with and Mutual & Federal along other insurance firms are keen to leverage this technology to streamline their operations and improve their customer experience.

Mobility technology and increasing digitisation will play an ever-important role in doing business in the future.

Digitisation will increasingly be key in how we assess risk, smooth out the claims process, and eventually will be important to how we do business overall.

However, it is not all about increasing efficiencies. Technology also offers the prospect of improving the customer experience dramatically.

Mutual & Federal app

An important aspect of mobility technology is the use of smartphones and apps to drive interaction between the customer and the company.

Apps have defined mobility recently and the Mutual & Federal app combines the best features of modern apps. Some of its features and capabilities are:

  • Ability to send an sms with your GPS coordinates to a pre-defined contact list
  • You can contact Swiftcare at the click of a button and emergency services will be sent to assist
  • A handy incident guide that tells the user what to do in the case of an incident (either home or motor)
  • Users can send a complaint/compliment via the app to Mutual & Federal
  • Users can access Mutual & Federal’s social media links to keep abreast of the most recent info distributed via Mutual & Federal.


Another example of mobility technology is the rapidly growing field of telematics. Telematics is the combination of telecoms, vehicle technologies and road transportation. This technology promises insurers the ability to price more accurately as it will allow them to consider individual driver behaviour when determining pricing.

Accident management services will also change; i.e. the whole process of reporting a claim after an accident will be revolutionised with vehicles in the future able to report accidents as soon as they happen.

Multi-channel servicing

However, it does not end there. Technology is about making life easier and more productive. Mutual & Federal is increasingly exploiting these new breakthroughs to communicate and interact with customers in their preferred way.

There is a clear need for the availability of a seamless ability to inter change platforms and channels; whether customers choose to engage with the company face- to-face, via their intermediary, by contact centres, email, and social media or by app, the company strives to service these customers regardless.

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Integrating all role-players in the value chain to be customer-focused and produce the chosen customer experience will become increasingly important to build customer loyalty. And digital and mobile technology is important to cracking this nut.

Companies that solve this challenge will go on to be the winners in their respective industries. And insurance is no different.

Mutual and Federal
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