Brand Inscentives: Gillian and Darryl Meiring

Brand Inscentives: Gillian and Darryl Meiring


What does it take to get a world-renowned company like Sun International to buy into a new, rather unusual concept? This is what Brand Inscentives founders, Gillian and Darryl Meiring had to figure out to get their scent marketing business off the ground.

The couple’s sales savvy has seen them secure some of the biggest names in the hospitality and gaming industries as clients. But most importantly, the entrepreneurs know the importance of continuously working on new prospects and not becoming complacent. Following the international trends, Gillian and Darryl knew that casinos and hotels would be the first organisations to buy into the concept and put all their energy into tailoring their sales pitches to the needs of these businesses. Identifying their target markets, the pair did an analysis of the industries and kept knocking on doors until they signed their first client.

An important aspect of securing a new client, believes Gillian, is offering free demonstrations and believing that your product is of the best quality.  “Sales is everything. We are constantly seeing people and closing deals, some of which take two or three months,” explains Darryl. He says you need to understand your client and what their needs are. “We like to give the client what they want, so we try to work around their budget.”

Retaining existing clients is essential. Brand Inscentives tries to keep its relationships through frequent visits, sending them email teasers and leaving room spray samples behind as gifts that remind clients about the company.