8 Life Lessons From Peter du Toit of Soccer Laduma You Should...

8 Life Lessons From Peter du Toit of Soccer Laduma You Should Apply In Business



1. Like it, love it

If you’re doing what you love, and you’re surrounded by like-minded people, success is inevitable.

2. No one is an expert

You’re only an expert on what you know. What you don’t know is far more important.

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3. Don’t tell me what we know

What we don’t know is what counts. We can only grow from what we don’t know.

4. Always choose short-term pain for long-term gain

For example, we’ve never had an advertiser on our cover. We could sell it for a fortune, but our readers don’t want that. It would destroy our cover, and hurt me.

5. The principles you follow should be universal

Don’t make rules that the universe doesn’t lend an ear to. Be in tune with your universe…. And remember that the universe is your customers.

6. Don’t make profits through inflation

We’ve kept our cover price at R3,70. We could raise it, but that would be a lazy way to increase our profits, and taking advantage of our loyal readers.

Salaries don’t rise in the same way as expenses do in South Africa. We’re cognisant of this fact and negotiate hard with printers and distributors on our readers’ behalf to keep our prices down.


7. Laugh

A lot. As much as you can. People do great work when they’re having fun.

8. Genuinely care

Take an interest in the people who work for you and who buy from you. Find your higher purpose.

Nadine Todd
Nadine Todd is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, the How-To guide for growing businesses. Find her on Google+.