Monsanto SA: Kobus Lindeque

Monsanto SA: Kobus Lindeque


The existing CEO of Monsanto in the United States, who is an incredible leader, gave me some advice that has stayed with me and that I’ve used throughout my career. He said always make sure that you only know 30% of your next job.

If you know and can do 100% of what’s required, you’ll be bored within two months and you’ll never grow. Don’t move to a job where you know it all already. A job in which you only know 30% will provide you with enormous growth opportunities to learn the other 70% and ensure you get cross-functional development.

I took this advice when I was still fairly new in the company and committed myself to following it. I started off as a researcher, then moved into an agronomist role and from there took up a position as a marketing manager. After that I became country manager, product manager for Africa and finally MD, which is my current position.

That advice has been instrumental in shaping my career and exposing me to the different areas of the business so that I could learn as much as possible.


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