Self-Made Billionaire David Rubenstein’s 7 Habits Of Success

Self-Made Billionaire David Rubenstein’s 7 Habits Of Success


1Try to be reasonably intelligent

You can’t hurt yourself by reading too much.

Read as much as you can about the world, business, and what other entrepreneurs have done. You can be self-taught. You can’t hurt yourself by reading too much.

2Learn to get along with people

There is no I in Team

Share the credit, use ‘we’, not ‘I’, and encourage people to take on leadership roles.

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3Learn the skill of persuading people

Entrepreneurship is all about getting people to see the world the way you do.

Virtually all of life is about persuading other people to do what you want, but entrepreneurs have a unique skill in convincing people to work for them, to buy their product, to buy their service.

Even Albert Einstein didn’t develop the theory of relativity by himself – he had to persuade the world that he was right, and that people should support his theories.

4Learn to communicate

Communication is key

Spoken and written communication is equally important. This is also a vital component in leading by example, and persuading people to follow your lead.

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5Find something that you believe in and pursue that idea

Keep coming back and pushing the idea

The most successful companies aren’t necessarily successful because of the best ideas – the best ideas can flounder if the entrepreneur isn’t good at what they do.

You have to take an idea that’s reasonably good and pursue it, refine it, don’t take no for an answer; keep coming back and pushing the idea, and convincing people that you’re worth listening to.

6Learn some humility

Become humble in your business dealings and in life

Arrogance can be helpful, but on the whole it’s more harmful than helpful. Humility makes people want to follow you, believe in you and support you. It’s also a vital characteristic if you’re going to be refining your idea and business until (and after) it’s a success.

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7The importance of building a company isn’t only to give yourself enormous wealth

Money isn’t everything

It’s to show that you have the ability to create something — and then if you are successful, you have the obligation to give some of that back to society.

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