Boutique Branding Consultancy Morake Design House

Boutique Branding Consultancy Morake Design House


Vital Stats

  • Company: Morake Design House
  • Player: Ipeleng and Lebo Morake
  • What they do: Boutique branding consultancy
  • Website:

Designed for each other

Power couple Lebo and Ipeleng Morake fell in love 12 years ago when we were both studying design. From early on, they worked on projects together and realised that they make a formidable team! So in 2010 they started our own business, Morake Design House, giving them the creative freedom they need to raise their game.

From boutique hotels to trendy restaurants, this stylish couple specialise in branding for premium businesses. The Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer’s elegant styling and luxurious interior make it the perfect fit for a business where first impressions are everything.

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What do you love about the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer?


“I love how well the Vito handled, not to mention the impression it made on my clients.” – Ipeleng

How do you benefit from using the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer?


“The Vito’s spacious load area ensures that Lebo’s creations remain in perfect condition. ” – Ipeleng

For a business that’s all about image, the Vito’s premium styling makes a great first impression.

The Morakes raised their game, and so can you. Boost your business with the new Vito. Find out more here.

Watch their story here:

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Mercedes Benz Vito
The new Mercedes-Benz Vito covers an impressive scope of model variants, including the Panel Van, Mixto and the Tourer. With such a versatile offering, the Mercedes-Benz Vito can easily be customised for individual tasks, something that the vehicle was built for. Under the theme: ‘What you do with it is your business’, six entrepreneurs took up the call and made the Vito their personal business partners.