AppsOnline: Alex Minnie

AppsOnline: Alex Minnie


Software is expensive and many small businesses simply cannot afford to pay costly licence fees. AppsOnline is addressing the demand in the market for affordable software by taking advantage of the cloud.

It allows users to manage their business from any Internet-enabled PC and offers clients all the functionality they would expect from a business management software suite, such as quote and invoice, sales lead tracking, an ordering system, product management, appointment management, and SMS functionality, with new modules being added as the demand arises.

“Our simple tools give SME owners access to technology at a reasonable price,” says AppsOnline founder Alex Minnie. “We emphasise the usability of the system, making it easy for people to do what they need to do and handle the hard parts in the background through skillful programming. With a modular design approach, new functionality can be made available to users instantly.”

An experienced online systems developer, Minnie joined three other shareholders to create an alternative to desktop software for business. The four partners funded the venture and all have an equal share. Their goal was to identify what a standard business needs to function properly and then make it.

“All the shareholders are leaders in their fields and also have vast experience in business,” says Minnie. “Putting our experience together made building AppsOnline a breeze. We kept it simple, affordable and – most importantly – accessible to all companies wanting a more professional approach to the running of their business.”

Minnie says the biggest challenge is to get people to see that there are very real benefits to managing your business securely online from any web-enabled device. “At the touch of a button you can have all the information you need anywhere, any time. Cloud computing is the future and AppsOnline is opening it up to local businesses.”

Aimed primarily at the SME market, AppsOnline has also attracted the attention of corporate clients because it’s able to cater for any number of users. The response has been excellent, with the client base growing at a steady 50% per month.

Vital stats

Player: Alex Minnie

Company: AppsOnline

Launched: 2010

Contact: 0861 101 527

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