IntelliPERMIT: Scott Bredin

IntelliPERMIT: Scott Bredin


1. Local IT goes global

Newmont Mining Corporation, one of the world’s largest gold producers, has chosen a solution from South African process manufacturing software developer ApplyIT to make its safety procedures more efficient at Newmont Boddington Gold, Australia’s newest gold mine.

2. Flexibility seals the deal

The solution, IntelliPERMIT, is a computerised permit-to-work system designed and implemented by ApplyIT. It controls the process by which permits in an operating plant are prepared, authorised, issued and managed. Newmont Boddington Gold chose the solution following a tender process. ApplyIT won the deal because of the flexibility of its solution, according to Scott Bredin, product development director at ApplyIT.

3. Replacing outdated technology

The solution has replaced the processing plant’s paper permit system which presented challenges common in the mining industry, says Bredin. “Although there were certificates for specific types of work, such as confined space, or work at heights, the process of collating and preparing these documents was time-consuming and inefficient. IntelliPERMIT automatically assembles the required permits for each job.”

4. Ensuring safety

Companies that operate hazardous plants are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, says Bredin. “Newmont’s brief was for ‘a computerised authority to work (ATW) system that improves the safety of maintenance workers by identifying the appropriate isolation procedures and, on completion of work, ensuring that equipment is re-energised safely’. Our system identifies hazards, required isolations, and personal protective equipment needs. It also ensures that employees on the job are aware of the hazards and what measures are needed to mitigate risk.”

5. Fail-safe solution

It includes all safety and legal requirements, from initial application, through preparation and isolation, job execution and final closure. It ensures that people involved in any job are competent and authorised, and that completed ATWs are returned to the issuers.

6. Incremental improvements

IntelliPERMIT was first implemented in 1998 at a biotechnology manufacturing plant in South Africa. Over the years, experience from day-to-day operations and new technologies have been incorporated, resulting in one of the most advanced, comprehensive permit management systems in the world.

Efficiency rules

According to Bredin, IntelliPERMIT has improved the efficiency of NewmontBoddington’s plant maintenance by rapidly collating all required documentation for specific types of work, and providing large-format screens at permit issue points where they are displayed.

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