Sigma Capital Is Built On Not Settling For Less

Sigma Capital Is Built On Not Settling For Less


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  • Player: Phuti Mahanyele
  • Company: Sigma Capital
  • Established: 2015
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Stop with the sob stories

My parents came from humble backgrounds and I was inspired by what they achieved. Lamenting your financial difficulties will get you nowhere. Show the world what you can do, grab hold of every small opportunity, and the bigger ones will follow. Always push yourself.

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Seize the moment

Having started my own venture, this is the time for me to be opportunistic. I don’t apply hard and fast rules to my time, but I won’t have a meeting if a phone call will do.

Make sure the right people are in the meeting

Think carefully about that because having the wrong people at the table wastes time, and can have a negative effect on your organisation. Meetings should have a purpose and a set of clear goals. Deciding who should attend is critical to the outcome.

Then, let everyone get involved in the discussion. We all have different strengths; encourage your team to play to theirs.

Make yourself responsible for everything and you will achieve nothing. To move quickly, be sure to allocate tasks to the right people.

I am allergic to micro-management

I cannot work with people who do not show interest and commitment. My biggest strength is that I do not fear strength in others. I celebrate it. That easy ability to work with the most capable, most intelligent people has been key in my life as those are the ones who move you forward. I do not feel like I need to be competitive with anyone.

Run, don’t walk

Many people are on the lookout for opportunities, so when you spot them, run. You cannot expect to get things done at the same pace as a high-achiever if you are an ambler. And that is not just about the hours, but also the effort you put into your work.

Being at the office late into the night does not make you better; often it just has a negative impact on other aspects of your life.

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Learn to be persistent

I have always loved reading. When I had the stroke, I found myself having to read the same page over and over again because I couldn’t remember anything. Something in me said ‘just keep at it.’ And I did. Over and over again until I could remember at least a chapter at a time. It took me about a year.

When you are a leader it’s difficult to accept setbacks. I refused to take my illness seriously until my doctor said to me, “If you are not interested in your recovery, I’m not either.” That was a massive wake-up call. Remember to make time for your family and, most importantly, for your body and yourself. Without that you have nothing.

My father taught me the importance of the hunger to succeed, of behaving as though you have already achieved what seems to be impossible right now. That will put you in the right frame of mind to keep working towards it.

Remember this

You will face adversity – it is inevitable. What matters is how you deal with it.

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