Teedu: Tyrone Middleton

Teedu: Tyrone Middleton


What’s the basis of a business idea that taps into a market, feeds a need and becomes the next big thing? While we know that the idea is only the first step, and that really an idea is almost worthless without execution, great start-ups focus on the market.

For Teedu founder Tyrone Middleton, the penny dropped when he began paying attention to the quick uptake of photo sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

“There are so many photos being uploaded each day, and yet only a small percentage are branded,” he says. “It’s a huge opportunity for brands. Your consumers are uploading images of where they are and who they’re interacting with anyway.

If they did this through you, with your subtle branding on the images, suddenly that conversation includes your brand. You’re linked to good memories, and people trust their friends. We see people interacting with certain brands, and suddenly those brands start standing out for us.”

Participation maximised

Middleton started designing his concept while he was working full-time, and it took him a year before he was satisfied enough with the business model and the offering to focus on Teedu full-time. While still in its early start-up phase, the concept is quickly being proven.

For example, the 279 Facebook fans using the site in October 2012 reached 179 000 users. “This is the power of social media,” Middleton explains. “It’s exponential and it takes into account the new, 5th ‘P’ of marketing: Participation.

“People participate with brands, and brands now need to participate back. Teedu aims to do this in a controlled manner.”

How it works

The Teedu model is simple: Each event (coined a ‘mission’) earns users points. The more missions they participate in, the more points they earn. Each completed mission means an entry into a draw for prizes as well, encouraging users to utilise the platform.

Teedu attends events to garner attention for the missions, but it’s the users who really spread the word. “People want to participate. We just needed to create a platform that lets them do just that, while linking their participation to specific brands.”

Vital stats

Players: Tyrone Middleton

Company: Teedu

Launched: August 2012

Contact: +27 (0)83 450 9866


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