Test Your Mobile Manners

Test Your Mobile Manners


Reckless mobile device use is a growing epidemic that threatens the very fabric of American life (just ask Tiger Woods or Brett Favre). Since you need to pass a written test to drive a car, operate heavy machinery and perform other everyday tasks, we decided there should be one to encourage more responsible mobile phone usage. Will you pass or fail?

1. You are meeting an important client for dinner when your mobile handset rings. You
a. Send the call to voicemail
b. Step away from the table to take the call
c. Say, “Hang on, my bookie’s on the phone”

2. You are driving to the airport when an employee calls. You
a. Accept the call using a hands-free headset
b. Pull the car over and take the call
c. Keep one hand on the wheel while typing a text message that reads, “Can’t talk–driving”

3. You are sitting down with a prospective client when your phone’s Jimi Hendrix ringtone interrupts the conversation. You
a. Apologize
b. Make light of the situation
c. Seize the moment to show off your air guitar skills

4.You agree to meet with a longtime client using the iPhone’s FaceTime video chat service. You open the call by saying:
a. “You’re right–this is much better than voice calling!”
b. “Isn’t technology amazing?”
c. “Wow–you’ve gained a ton of weight!”

5. You buy a smartphone expressly to show off
a. Your startup’s new mobile app
b. Your company’s new mobile website
c. Video clips of your cat, Mr. Snugglesworth

6. You use your phone to check in at a new restaurant via Four-square, constantly update your location on Facebook and tweet details of your meal on Twitter. You are
a. A product of the social media generation
b. Deeply connected to the virtual world
c. Self-absorbed

Jason Ankeny
Chicago-based writer Jason Ankeny is the executive editor of Fiercemobile content, a daily electronic newsletter dedicated to mobile media, applications and marketing.