The Hard Truths of Entrepreneurship

The Hard Truths of Entrepreneurship


Being an entrepreneur isn’t the easy, carefree career path that many believe it to be; it’s actually quite the opposite. However, if you persevere, launching, owning and growing a business can be incredibly rewarding.

It’s Stressful

If you think meeting a boss’s deadlines or demands is tough, try meeting your own, especially when your personal savings are on the line. This type of pressure lights a fire under even the most laid-back personalities.

It’s Never-Ending

In most jobs, you can leave the work behind when you go home. As an entrepreneur, the workload can be intense, especially during the early stages when you are the CEO, CFO, HR person, sales staff, marketing guru, tech guy, office manager, and cleaner. With all these roles, there’s rarely a moment that you feel your work is done for the day.

It’s Frustrating

Maybe you’ve partnered with someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Or you’ve received a shipment of damaged products that you need for a trade show the next day. As an entrepreneur, these types of situations happen on a regular basis.

Look for the Silver Lining

So with this kind of stress, pressure and workload, why would anyone subject themselves to being an entrepreneur? The answer is simple: the positives outweigh the negatives.

1. It’s Rewarding

When you’re successful, you reap both financial and emotional rewards. There’s no better feeling than seeing a product you’ve worked hard to develop on store shelves, or when you’ve provided successful service for a grateful client. It’s exciting to make a sale or win a new client when you know it’s from your own hard work.

2. It’s Flexible

Once you work for yourself, it’s common to feel you could never work in a conventional 9-to-5 environment again. I believe it’s mostly due to the flexibility. Yes, you may work more hours, but you can do so on your own terms. When you’re the boss, you call the shots, and the new freedom can be exhilarating.

3. It’s the Chance to Create

Many entrepreneurs are driven by the need to build something great, help other people, or leave something behind. No matter what the motivation, creating something from nothing that grows and develops through the years can be almost like raising a child; it’s your baby, and you’ve nurtured it to its current level of success. That type of fulfilment is difficult to duplicate in most other career paths.

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