What Do You Know?

What Do You Know?


Jules Newton, founder and MD of Avocado Vision, has survived tough times by being able to focus on something bigger than herself, she says. She is driven by purpose and constantly learning how to empower herself.

According to Newton, entrepreneurs need to know what their strengths are as well as what motivates them to carry on even when others are in doubt about the future of their company. She says that shining a light on her personal ability has kept her going.

Unlock resilience

To find the courage to go on during difficult periods, like the recent recession, Newton says it is vital that business owners reconnect with themselves and in doing so help their team connect with their resilience. She believes that resilience can be learnt and that a downturn is the best time to understand your resilience and that of your team. “Some people will thrive during the double dip while others will close down. Entrepreneurs must not be disabled by their own fear. As a leader you need to know how to unlock and grow your resilience,” she says.

Don’t forget the fire

True entrepreneurs, says Newton, have a fire burning inside them. They should look at that fire over and over again and not underestimate the power it holds. Newton sees herself as the ‘architect’ of her business and has a partner (the ‘engineer’) who works as the operational head. She says that while she is capable of handling the operational aspects, it is not where her fire sits.

According to Newton, entrepreneurs should be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and also those of their teams. She believes it is a real skill to identify your strengths, and doing so will make you and your business more resilient.