How the Corporate Woman Can Build her Confidence Brand

How the Corporate Woman Can Build her Confidence Brand


Marilyn Monroe once said; “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

This quote has empowered woman around the world and is quite often retweeted and used as social media status updates for those who agree that being a woman means power, purpose and passion. The days of woman being succumbed to motherhood, the kitchen and tea parties are no longer a reflection of what it means to be female.

Females are nurturers by design but are also protectors and in today’s modern world, conquerors. Women today can raise children, run corporations, bring home the bacon and serve it- all in a day. Not only that, but women are increasingly stepping up as CEO’s, MD’s and owners of large corporations.

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Are women better leaders than men? Some might say yes, some no, others would say that leadership is not subject to gender but to internal qualities and characteristics.

But one thing is for sure: Looking over history women have come a long way in becoming empowered, proving their capabilities and have learned to juggle the responsibilities of the corporate world and motherhood in an admirable fashion.

What Challenges are Unique to Woman in the Corporate World?

As a branding architect I often get asked by woman and men alike how they can appear more confident, display better leadership qualities and get their employees to both respect and like them. A question unique to woman is “Why do all my other female colleagues seem so together when I feel like I am falling apart?”

My answer: No one has it all together in the corporate world; less so when you are juggling both the corporate world and family responsibilities. Women feel the pressures of having to be perfect in both the boardroom and their homes more than men.

What does being a successful mother and executive mean to you? The most important thing that I do as a branding architect is make people see their strengths, accept their weaknesses and turn them into opportunities

Do Woman Want to be the Norm or the Exception?

No one wants to be the norm. We all want to be unique.

Look at your career, recognise what you have accomplished and be proud. Look at your family, accept the fact that raising children or running a home is not easy and be proud of the fact that you try.

Keep trying and keep conquering every day.

No matter how confident, together or peaceful female colleagues may seem, realise that no one is living life stress free and that comparing your life to those around you is not building your own brand, its building on theirs.

Invest your energy in your brand instead of wondering why everyone seems so confident and together. Brand yourself as confident, peaceful, together and in charge and apply it to your life.

As a woman you have unique challenges. Miss Monroe famously said: “I am out of control and at times hard to handle”. Learn to take what you feel and channel it into the positive. Learn to do what you do best: conquer.

Let’s Learn From Jessica Pearson

Have you seen the series Suits? Jessica Pearson is the main partner in a law firm which she not only runs with confidence, pride and passion but she also scares the heck out of most of the men that walk through her doors.

She is beautiful, confident and professional with little emphasis placed on her personal life. Does she have one?

Does it matter?

Build your brand in the corporate world to be what you want it to be. If you work in a male dominated environment where for example you are expected to be as tough as nails and never show emotion then learn the rules of the game and play – what’s the fun in being good if you can’t win the game?

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Matt White
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