Is It Possible To Be A Mom And An Entrepreneur?

Is It Possible To Be A Mom And An Entrepreneur?


Having a child or children is really special. As human beings we are programmed to fall in love, have a child and watch that child grow into, one hopes, a wonderful and talented human being.

That’s all very well. The problem happens when a mother is, literally, left holding the baby whilst her partner goes off to work to be the family’s primary wage earner. Taking care of baby every day, although rewarding, can be frustrating. After all, your parents paid for a very expensive education and you really loved your previous professional life. A lot of people think that it is impossible to mix being a mother and a business owner.

Human beings have a common fault – they look back and think that the past was wonderful. In fact, more wonderful than the here and now. They tend to forget the bad times when office politics dented their confidence.

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Then that education was all-important. It trained you to think, and a person at home with junior has a lot of time to think. Worldwide, many mothers (and stay at home dad’s) have thought their way into creating a business where they can achieve a life balance – looking after their child’s interests while building a successful business.

Julie Deane – Cambridge Satchel

A well-known case is a mother whose daughter was bullied at school, but she could not afford to send her to a private school. She sat down at her kitchen table and reinvented the school satchel by making it out of good quality leather in a myriad of colours.

Although they had a slow start, through word of mouth, they started to fly out of the shop. As she intended, they were bought by her easily identified target market – parents with school going children. What happened next was really surprising – they became the choice handbag for the smart set. From humble beginnings, the satchels are now sold in Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s, and she runs a factory that employs 86 people.

The best part of this fairy tale is that she could afford to send her daughter to a private school.

Then you get a Mompreneur who helps other Mompreneurs to set up their businesses. You can, if you were a successful corporate lawyer in your past life. Whether you are a Mompreneur or a Entrepreneur, the one thing you need is your Articles of Association, the registration of your company and your VAT registration. Not only that, once the company is trading, you will, without a doubt need the services of a lawyer. A fellow Mompreneur who specialises in helping other Mompreneurs has got to be a kindred spirit.

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As a kindred spirit they know that a Mompreneurs’ working hours are not really ‘working hours’. As a result, a Mompreneur lawyer will be at the other end of a telephone line when you need them.

Whether you were a university graduate, trained as a chef or were a bookkeeper, there is always an opportunity to mix the pleasure of being a committed parent with starting a business. Your former life will help you in making your present life successful. And best of all, the dual role of being a Mom and a business woman will make you a Supermom.

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