Click, Click, Boom!

Click, Click, Boom!


The big question

How can I start a business that can be run from home, that combines my marketing skills with what I’ve learnt being a mother to twins?

The gap

Online shopping is ideal for new, time-pressured parents but there are few local online baby stores that offer an easy, accessible user experience, fast delivery times and reliable, helpful parenting advice that doesn’t take more time to search for than it takes to read.

The answer

Little Bo Babies – an online store specialising in safe, value-for-money and convenient baby products; easily accessible advice and information; and a positive attitude for new parents.

Why it works

  • An easy, accessible user experience
  • Secure payment methods give peace of mind
  • Reliable, fast and cost-effective courier delivery
  • Clear product descriptions and photographs make choosing easy
  • Unique Little Bo Babies product line combined with imported goods.

My mantra

I’m growing the company organically. I reinvest almost everything into the business, especially into marketing. It’s essential to build the brand if you want to generate traffic through your site.

Skills first

I identified my core skills and got other people in to fill in the gaps where my weaknesses are.  This includes a digital strategist, accountant and web developer. The idea for the business may have been mine but without these people, the business couldn’t exist.

Never stop selling

Everywhere I go, wherever I am, I look for opportunities to promote the business. The other day I helped a mom in a shop and we got talking and I told her about Little Bo Babies. You can be your most powerful word-of-mouth advocate.

User experience is key

People must be able to click, click, buy. And they need to feel like their payment is secure. It’s changing but some South Africans are still wary of the security aspects of online shopping. I use EFT, PayPal and PayFast – all recognised, safe and secure.

Marketing savvy

I target ‘influencers’ and send them freebies. I look for prominent people who are active in social media, have a big following and are aligned with my target market. Sending them a promotion costs very little if they start talking about my business.

Vital stats

  • Player: Gaya Schatz
  • Company: Little Bo Babies Online
  • Est: 2012

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