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Coaching is expensive. That’s why it’s usually reserved for people at C-level, heads of business units and high-potential young leaders. But South African self-actualisation coach, IT industry veteran and entrepreneur Dina Marais, has set out to change that by launching, an online programme that costs subscribers R120 per month. Marais aims to empower people to run their own brain, access their resources, and achieve their highest outcomes.

“There is often a huge emotional intelligence gap between top-level employees and those lower down the ladder,” says Marais. “Our self-coaching plan closes that gap by helping to grow and change participants’ self-awareness, leading them to cultivate emotional intelligence, build self-esteem and develop self-confidence.”

After launching her brick and mortar coaching business in 2007, Marais wrote a life coaching diary in 2009 that was well received but costly to produce. “I decided to take advantage of technology and offer coaching lessons online,” she says.

“We now have four large corporate clients who have signed up their employees to the programme and we’re on a major drive to sign up more.”  Marais says she has few competitors and none that offer a similar set of services at such a competitive price. “Next we have to translate the programme to make it available in other countries. We’ve already had interest from companies in Italy and Mexico.”

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