FabImage: Pontsho Manzi

FabImage: Pontsho Manzi


First impressions count, especially in the workplace. It’s something that Pontsho Manzi, founder of FabImage, realised when she worked in training and recruitment prior to opening her own business in 2007.

“Many of my candidates couldn’t find jobs simply because of how they presented themselves. It was something that has always come naturally to me and most of them asked for advice about this all the time. I decided to add an image consulting diploma to my HR degree and offer the service as part of my business.”

A class act

Today, FabImage specialises in all aspects of image consulting for individuals, corporates and other groups. Services include personal consultations, motivational speaking, workshops for schools and open image workshops for the general public.

To help people develop a good image, FabImage provides personality profiling, colour and style consultation, face shape analysis, figure analysis and accessorising, wardrobe analysis, personal shopping services and advice on grooming and etiquette.

Looking good

“The biggest challenge we have had to face is that image consulting is still in its infancy in South Africa,” says Manzi. “Not all companies are ready to accept that staff image is an important part of the representation of their organisation. But persistence and perseverance have paid off.”

Manzi launched the business with her own savings and has built it by focusing on providing exceptional customer service. It was the reputation she built, along with professional speaking engagements, which enabled Manzi to secure corporate clients, which is when the business really took off. Next she’s hoping to expand the business nationally and into countries in southern Africa.

Caring for the community

Outspoken and passionate about personal development, Manzi is also the founder of a non-profit organisation called FabGalz, which she established to help young girls build successful careers in their chosen fields. She trains and coaches these young girls on leadership skills, self esteem, personal branding, power dressing and impression management, and helps them to develop the confidence they need to achieve their dreams.

In October 2012, she launched Fabulous Woman, a quarterly, glossy magazine aimed at inspiring women across all cultures and encouraging them to stand together on issues that affect them.

Vital stats

Player:  Pontsho Manzi

Company: FabImage

Launched: 2007

Contact: +27 (0)11 510 0087

Monique Verduyn
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  • Teeh Mshengu

    I really do admire young entrepreneur the courage to start and run your business is not an easy task so well done to you Pontsho. hope you become an inspiration to the youth out there and to those who think they won’t be able to do it.

    best of luck