FNB: Elizabeth Malumo

FNB: Elizabeth Malumo


The best advice I have used in my working career as a manager wasn’t advice given to me so much as a mindset. When I joined the Sandton FNB suite, the suite director at the time was a gentleman by the name of Roy Sangarde. He made it his business to not only know his team, but understand how our work and personal lives intersected.

I will never forget him coming to me and saying, “I understand that as a mother and a wife you have obligations. I believe you’re a responsible person and I will have faith that you will always ensure that you make up any lost work if you’ve needed some personal time.”

How could you possibly let a person like that down? Not only did it really make me focus on my work ethic and how to be the best employee I could be – even if my work hours were occasionally erratic – but it shaped how I am as a manager.

I’ve found that if I’m genuinely interested in the lives of my employees, they feel more comfortable at work. Staff retention is higher, productivity is better and it’s an overall happier work space.

It’s also important to remember as a manager that if one of my staff members wants to watch their child play a soccer match, it’s okay. FNB will still be standing when they get back. As long as their work is done, it’s better to be supportive and relaxed.

If you invest in the lives of your staff, you create a bond, which leads to trust. Businesses operating at that level of employee engagement will always enjoy success.

“Genuinely care about your staff and they will care about you.”

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