Girlz in Barz: Jenna Grupel

Girlz in Barz: Jenna Grupel



Company: Girlz in Barz

Founder: Jenna Grupel

Launched: 2010

Concept: Fully portable bar units serviced by stunning, well trained female bar tenders.

Contact: +27 (0)83 283 4792

What possessed her

A trained chef, Jenna worked in various hotels and restaurants, but it was her passion for working with people that led her to her event management and co-ordination role at a mobile bar company. But she left the company and spent the next three months thinking about what lay ahead for her. While on holiday with her family, Jenna started talking to her dad about what she enjoyed doing and he encouraged her to start a company using girls in bars. She starting writing down all of her ideas from the outfits the girls would wear to the range of services Girlz in Barz would offer. She wanted to “get out there” as quickly as possible.

‘Aha’ moment

While unemployed, Jenna went for an interview with Robert Laverge, the founder of Flair Mobile Services. By the time she had to go for a second interview, she already had the Girlz in Barz idea. “I took a chance and told him the job offer was great but I’d had this idea and asked if he wanted to partner with me.” The partnership gave Jenna access to the bar units Flair already owned, but more importantly Robert was able to direct her to people who could help her launch Girlz in Barz.

Early success

Within two weeks of registering and launching the company, Girlz in Barz had its first golf day booked, which was followed by a corporate function at the Vaal Dam catering for 200 guests. The company is currently booking around six functions per weekend and its popularity just keeps growing. The bars have already been hired by some big names in the corporate world, including Blackberry and Nedbank.


Girlz in Barz caters to both private and corporate functions. The girls have been hired for birthday parties, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as product launches, year-end functions and golf days.

What’s next

She intends to roll-out the concept to SA’s major cities. Jenna’s ultimate goal is to take her concept to the USA in the next five years.