Do I need a tertiary education?

Do I need a tertiary education?


I have been working for several years and am considering studying towards a tertiary qualification. Am I wasting my time and money or will it still benefit me to do this?

A tertiary education is an investment that will pay back over a lifetime. People with a tertiary education develop skills, have better job opportunities and consequently earn more money. In order for businesses to be competitive, they need people with skill sets that will enable them to perform at a world class level.

The world is changing rapidly and as the business environment becomes more competitive, employers are looking for employees that possess the critical competencies that add value to the organisation.

According to a survey by Regenesys Business School, 48% of South Africa’s workforce engages in further studies for better employment prospects and 23% feel that studying would increase their chances of a promotion.

These results are a clear indication that there is a desire amongst South African’s working force to equip themselves for opportunities within the workplace. Many understand that with a tertiary education, comes a set skills and a broad base of knowledge that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

That which differentiates ordinary from extraordinary managers and leaders is their emotional and spiritual intelligence. Coupled with quality education, these individuals increase their ability to think critically and engage staff to make wise decisions; traits that any aspiring manager, executive or leader should have.

Siegie Brownlee
Siegie Brownlee has held numerous senior executive management roles within the private education arena, as well as holding the position of head of HRD for numerous blue chip organisations. She has extensive experience in human resource development, performance management, strategic direction, leadership, managing businesses including aspects of sales, finance, marketing and operations. At Regenesys, Siegie has been an executive manager where she worked on projects and developed original solutions to ensure academic excellence in the delivery of education at this institution, while reviewing processes and systems in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Her passion and dedication led to her appointment as the CEO of Regenesys in 2012 and a director in 2013.