I want to inspire my staff and grow a successful company. How...

I want to inspire my staff and grow a successful company. How can I be a great business leader?


The fact that you’re asking this question shows that you’re self-aware, which is very important for being a great business leader. But what leadership boils down to is “Mission”.

  • Do you have one?
  • Are you following it?
  • And are you leading by example so others want to follow?

There are nine attributes to great leaders, so take time to evaluate which of these characteristics shine through you, and which ones you can work on more:

  1. Vision – Understand where you want your business to go. If you know what you’re doing and where you’re going it’s easier to convince others to jump on board
  2. Goal – What is it what you want your business to achieve? Is it realistic? Is it achievable? And importantly, is it specific and measurable?
  3. Competency – Unless your staff see you as competent, knowing all aspects of the business and having the right credentials, it will be hard to garner their respect and following
  4. A strong team – Great things don’t happen to people on their own as being human means they have weaknesses. Complement areas of weakness with individuals with the correct expertise.
  5. Communicate well – The above are of little use if you’re unable to articulate and inspire with communication. Work on cultivating strong relationships with stakeholders and with your staff
  6. Interpersonal skills – See how people love Richard Branson? It’s because he’s personable, charismatic and is comfortable relating to others. Work on being approachable and a comfortable presence to be around.
  7. ‘Can do’ attitude – The job of a leader is to inspire and motivate. If the leader gives up in the thick of battle what message does that send to your staff? When staff see their boss can lead and direct, has clear ambitions and goals, his credibility will increase
  8. Inspiration – A leader must be prepared to roll up his sleeves and get involved when needed. Get stuck in and your staff will respect your commitment
  9. Ambition – If you want your employees to constantly strive for improvement and success, they need to see the same in their leader: you need to lead by example.
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