How much information should I include in my business plan?

How much information should I include in my business plan?


I’m writing a business plan and it’s getting out of hand, turning into a 100+ page document. Where should I draw the line and decide I’ve included enough information?

The concept of the lean start-up, which was first developed by Eric Ries, looks at how product development cycles can be shortened and businesses can run more efficiently if you continuously evaluate progress and feedback. This philosophy also applies to your business plan.

Your business plan, much like your business, is a living, evolving entity. Lean doesn’t just mean thin – it also means healthy and efficient.

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Tim Berry
Tim Berry is the founder of Palo Alto Software, a co-founder of Borland International, and a recognised expert in business planning. He makes several notable appearances in Fire in the Valley, Swaine and Freiberger's classic history of the PC industry, and is the originator of plan-as-you-go business planning. He has an MBA from Stanford and degrees with honours from the University of Oregon and the University of Notre Dame.