Can you help me to structure my business plan?

Can you help me to structure my business plan?


I’m preparing my business plan but it’s gotten out of hand. I have piles of information and have no idea how to structure it into a coherent business plan. Please help?

Your business plan is a living document, it will grow and change with your business. That being said, you need to have a starting point from which it can evolve.

Your plan should be built around strategy. Strategy defines how you plan to set your business apart from the competition. Because strategy is a concept, you can illustrate it using bullet points or images, if you prefer.

Summarise and don’t elaborate. So while your plan must cover eight core areas, you don’t need to go into a great deal of detail. These areas are:

  1. Market
  2. Product or service
  3. Production
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales
  6. Distribution
  7. Management
  8. Finance.

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Tim Berry
Tim Berry is the founder of Palo Alto Software, a co-founder of Borland International, and a recognised expert in business planning. He makes several notable appearances in Fire in the Valley, Swaine and Freiberger's classic history of the PC industry, and is the originator of plan-as-you-go business planning. He has an MBA from Stanford and degrees with honours from the University of Oregon and the University of Notre Dame.