Who owns your Facebook fans?

Who owns your Facebook fans?


I know that having social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter can only benefit my business, I’m concerned about the security risks inherent in such activities. What are they and how can I protect my business against them? 

There’s no getting away from it, social media definitely plays a role in business today. It gives you a platform to convey your brand message and gives you real-time insight into what your customers really think.

However, it’s important to establish guidelines up front as to the type of content that your staff members may post, as well as have clear rules about who the social media site belongs to – the company or the employee managing it. If the latter is the case, you run the risk of losing your fans or followers should that employee resign.

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Bryce Matthewson
Bryce Matthewson (BSc (Chem),LLB, LLM) is a candidate attorney in the patent litigation department at Spoor and Fisher. He assists with all matters relating to litigation of patents, designs and plant breeder rights. He maintains a particular interest in matters relating to technology, and their impact on the law and on the flip side, has an active interest in matters relating to traditional knowledge rights.