Can you recommend any useful resources an/or industry contacts for someone in...

Can you recommend any useful resources an/or industry contacts for someone in the retail industry?


South African Retail Associations


Busa is a confederation of SA chambers of commerce and industry, professional and corporate associations. The body is the main representative of SA business, tackling macro-economic and high-level issues affecting it at national and international levels.


The South African Chamber of Business (Sacob) is the country’s largest business organisation, with a membership of close to 20 000 businesses, including 80 of the largest corporations in South Africa.


The National African Federated Chamber of Commerce (Nafcoc) is an independent business support organisation that primarily, but not exclusively, serves the interests of black economic empowerment companies and small businesses.

Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut

The AHI is a multi-sectoral employers’ organisation involved in most sectors of South Africa’s economy.

Minara Chamber of Commerce

The Minara Chamber of Commerce represents and assists South African Muslim businesses and entrepreneurs. The constitution and workings are based on an adherence to an Islamic code of conduct and ethics.

Fair Trade South Africa

This is the national umbrella organisation for Fair Trade. The fair trade movement aims to enhance trading conditions for small-scale businesses, improve labour conditions for employees and empower communities through ethical and sustainable trade.

The Businesswomen Association of South Africa

BWASA provides ongoing opportunities to advance the interests of women in business. Members include entrepreneurs, professionals and senior decision makers. Both men and women are welcome to join the Association.


  • 1001 Ways to Create Retail Excitement by Edgar A. Falk
  • Retail Business Kit for Dummies by Rick Segel
  • Retail Success! by George Whalin
  • Specialty Shop Retailing by Carol L. Schroeder
  • Start and Run a Profitable Retail Business by Jim Dion and Ted Topping
  • Up Against the Wal-Marts: How Your Business Can Prosper in the Shadow of Retail Giants by Don Taylor
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