Free Payslip And Contract Of Employment Template Download

Free Payslip And Contract Of Employment Template Download


In your downloads you will find the following resources below:

  1. A free payslip template with formula on how to calculate tax (PAYE), UIF, etc for a start-up business.
  2. A standard contract of employment (template) that complies with all the relevant laws.

The payslip template is merely an example and should you need to have anything checked in terms of your remuneration structure, we can put them in contact with our remuneration specialists in Johannesburg, Tax Consulting.

Download your payslip template here.

Similarly, the permanent contract of employment should be read carefully and changes should be made in line with the offer of employment and the company policies and procedures. Please note the template provided is for a permanent placement.

Download your contract of employment template here.

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Menét Hamel
Menét is a senior HR Consultant and ODETD (Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development) Practitioner at Global Business Solutions based in Cape Town. Menét has experience in a range of HR related projects such as Section 197 (LRA) transfers; conducting employee satisfactions surveys; developing performance management schemes, recruitment techniques as well as various other HR principles. As an ODETD Practitioner, Menét is also an external Skills Development Facilitator and one of our lead facilitators on transformational legislation.