I have a home-based catering company. We applied for CoA but local...

I have a home-based catering company. We applied for CoA but local municipality says we need trading license, town planning says we dont. What now?


According to the Business Act 71 of 1991, if you are running a food provision business (i.e. selling or supplying meals, take-aways or perishable foodstuff) you need to apply for a trading licence.

Applying for a licence

You will need to apply for a licence from the City’s Trade Licence Department.

In addition, you will need to pay a one-off application fee.

Once the documentation is completed, the application will be forwarded to five departments to check that the City requirements are met:

  • Environmental health
  • Noise and air pollution control
  • Public safety
  • Urban planning
  • Building control

An inspection is carried out of the premises by the departments concerned.

Only when all departments have retuned favorable reports and recommend approval the trade license will be issued

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