What do I need to lodge with CIPC?

What do I need to lodge with CIPC?


What does CIPC require in terms of “lodgement of annual returns”?  

This is a form which is filed at the CIPC every year and which records the latest / updated corporate information in respect of the company, such as its registered office, directors, auditors, financial year end, etc.  The form (CoR30.1) and its annexures may be located at CIPC‘s website.

The annual return must be filed at CIPC within 30 business days after each anniversary of the company’s date of registration.

If the company is required to have its annual financial statements audited, it must also file those together with the annual return.

There is a filing fee which is based on the company’s turnover.

  • For small to medium companies one would pay up to R600
  • Larger companies can be expected to pay up to R4000 for their annual return.

Companies must be particularly diligent in timeously filing their annual returns as the failure to do so may lead to the deregistration of the company by the CIPC.

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Yaniv Kleitman
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