When do I have to register an NGO?

When do I have to register an NGO?


Do I need to register an existing international NGO? I have adopted an international NGO from America and would like to know if I need I need to register its name on CIPC or get company registration or do I use the original registration from America?

I’m not clear what you mean when you say you have “adopted” an international NGO? Is there a formal agreement with the NGO that the questioner represents it in South Africa? If so, does this agreement give you the right to register the American NGO in South Africa?

The American NGO is the legal entity. It does not need to be registered in South Africa. You just need the right of representation in South Africa, and for that no registration is necessary.

Anything else will be too complicated.

However, if you see a different role for the NGO, I suggest that you contact your attorney and gets the right legal advice on how to go about the registration process.

Mannie Hirsch
Mannie Hirsch has consulted internationally on the development of emerging entrepreneurs. He founded The Gestalt Group in order to pave the way for emerging entrepreneurs to enter the mainstream of the South African economy. For more information, contact Mannie at mannie@gestaltconsult.com, on 011 781 7841 or visit www.gestaltconsult.com.