Where can I meet people looking for BEE partners?

Where can I meet people looking for BEE partners?


I’d like to know how to meet business people who want BEE partners, I’m a professional who has just started a business but, it’s a challenge to get funds or even contracts because I don’t really have the necessary resources. 

The big issue around BEE partnership is that everyone is selling themselves as being experts in all directions. Companies are looking for specialised skills where people can add value.

It is critically important to define where and how you can add value.

There is a proliferation of BEE companies and individuals who claim to have a range of skills sets and no specialisation. We believe the market is moving towards people who have got a specialisation, can make an input and can add value to specific businesses.

Jonathan Goldberg
Jonathan Goldberg is the CEO of Global Business Solutions. He is a nationally acclaimed consultant, lecturer, attorney and author on matters relating to Labour Law, Industrial Relations and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. Jonathan is also an Arbitration and Mediation panelist, member of Tokiso dispute settlement panel. Jonathan’s broader business leadership and acumen was recognized when he received the Border-Kei Chamber of Business/Daily Dispatch businessman of the year award for 2009. Recently Jonathan was awarded the Business Person – Entrepreneur 2012 award at the annual ABSA Jewish Awards.