How long should I keep trying to find funding?

How long should I keep trying to find funding?


I’ve approached all of the big banks for funding for my business venture and they have all turned me down. I’m feeling dejected. Should I go back to a day job or keep on trying to find a funder?

Here are some points to look at:

  • There are many angel investors.
  • Keep trying to raise funds.
  • Start small and with at least one client.
  • Entrepreneurs often forget that clients are also a source of funding.
  • Have a proper business plan that will convince investors, but be open and transparent.
  • Remember that the business will have to live up to the promises in the business plan.

Dr Frances Wright
Dr Frances Wright is responsible for the overall management of Trinitas Consulting (Pty) Ltd. Frances has a BSc Honours in Industrial Technology, a diploma in operations management & a certificate in production management. Frances completed her MBA at NorthWest University in 2007, where she was honoured as the top Operations student. She was awarded her PhD in Entrepreneurship at North West University and acts as a business mentor and trainer for Business Partners and Enablis. Frances has written many published articles, is an accomplished speaker and also stars in the YouTube channel “The Wright Solution”.