I want to apply for a loan for my business. How can...

I want to apply for a loan for my business. How can I ensure my credit record is good?


You will not be approved for a new business loan without a clear credit record.You can get a credit report from the websites listed below.

Once you have received your credit report, check it carefully to see if there are any errors in your payment profile. If so, you need to contact your creditors to have them update the information the credit bureau has about you.

Following that, you can maintain a healthy credit record by:

  • Getting a credit report once a year.
  • If there have been errors on your credit report, it can take up to three months to have your information updated. Be sure to order another report after three months.
  • Pay your bills on time.
  • The office of the Credit Information Ombudsman deals with complaints from consumers and businesses that have been negatively affected by credit information. Contact them on 0861 622 837.

Visit these websites for more information on credit records: transunion, my credit and credit health.