In 2010 some fellow students and I started building an ecommerce website...

In 2010 some fellow students and I started building an ecommerce website with an awesome twist. Our website is now finished and works 100%. How do we find an investor as we need money for marketing?


It’s great to see students having entrepreneurial ideas and implementing them.

If you want to find an investor, the most important question is: Why are you better than the other ecommerce providers?

The best way to stand out from the money begging crowd is: Have a few customers who love your solution and generate some revenue before talking to investors.

Don’t tell me, you need one million Rand first to be able to market it. Go out and start selling your solution. Now!

By doing that you will achieve at least 3 goals:

  1. Figure out, if your solution is not only good but also a product people a willing to pay for
  2. Find out the reasons, why people buy your solution or why they prefer your competitor
  3. Generate revenue and money which is always nice to have 😉

At the same time, start looking for other ICT-startups and find out who invested there. That’s your homework…

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